Concrete Sealing and Densifying

There are two main types of concrete sealers. There are topical (film forming) and penetrating (reactive) sealers.

Topical concrete sealers

There are a wide range of Topical sealers on the market ranging from thick build Epoxies to thin build Acrylics. In most instances Topical concrete sealers have more solids content which means they do not penetrate and the sealer itself is the wear layer. Many of these products increase the shine on the floor however most are non-breathable which may need to be considered if moisture is an issue.


Penetrating concrete sealers

Penetrating sealers are formulated to penetrate just below the surface of the concrete. They essentially coat below the surface of the pours to resist staining. The main benefit of these concrete sealers is that they are breathable which allows moisture to escape the slab. These tend to have a longer life cycle because they are below the surface.

Fab-u-floors uses sealers and densifiers that are high performance and have a food safe rating. Our sealers dry quickly meaning less down time as well they are low odor resulting in less disturbance to air quality. (WerkMaster Sealers)



Densifying is a necessary step to any finished concrete floor. It chemically reacts with the surface to tighten the pores, which prevents dusting. This also results in a crisper shine on polished concrete, a cleaner environment and a longer lasting surface. (WerkMaster Densifiers)