Floor Leveling

It should be noted that all floors whether concrete or otherwise are not completely flat. In fact most floors are anything but, and will require flattening if a flat sensitive floor such as engineered hardwood or laminate is going to be installed. There are two ways that concrete floors can be flattened. The first is by means of self-leveling concrete. These products do what the name says and level themselves out, but it is critical that the floor is profiled first to insure that a proper bond is achieved. Fab-u-floors is able to do this by using equipment that is specially designed to grind concrete.

The second way to flatten concrete is by finding and marking all of the high spots on the floor and grinding them down using the same diamond tools. This has its advantages as less self-leveling material is used, and also provides a superior product in the end. Fab-u-floors use both of these techniques to complement each other and because of this we can provide flatter floors and still meet the budget.

Floor Leveling is different from flattening in that a flattened floor is not necessarily completely level. Many floors have a slight slant to them but most times it is indiscernible.

There are times when a floor is badly out of level and in these instances for the most part it is impossible to grind the high area down so in turn the low areas are filled to make a true floor.